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Unidentified Network ethernet connection windows 8.

Hi my desktop is connected to my router via ethernet cable, I DO have internet connection i can easily access the internet with my P.C, the only problem is that for some reason when i look at my computer connection it says unidentified network. This isn't a huge problem because i can still access the internet, it's just that it stops me from setting up other devices like homesharing and also i like to have my pc's internet connection properly setup and although this is not a huge problem it still should not be ignored.


i've looked up other fixes online but they only display fixes for wifi connections that truly can't access the internet. Also when i connect with other devices via wifi everything works fine my network name is properly displayed and all is smooth.

i'm only having this problem with my main computer that's connected thru ethernet. My network name does not show up it only displays unidentified network.


Well i think that was pretty clear if anyone has a fix for this please let me know i would really appreciate some help thanks!

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Yeah its some wierd issue wich i had on LAN event last weekend. Did not really care tough

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try set a static ip to the adapter and see if that helps

okay ignore that if i get it right you are getting internet through ethernet and sharing it up with wifi on your PC right?

the issue with ICS is it has to set up its own DHCP server and once that DHCP server is set you cant point up to a DHCP server and make that network "identified" for example i used to do something similiar on my PC with windows 7 and i had internet coming via wifi and i was sharing it with my old wireless router to extend my wifi reach but if i were to type anything but the old router's IP that network wouldn't just get identified so i had use Default Gateway as my old routers IP ( in that case) and i had to run 3rd party DHCP server to make wifi users to connect to my network without setting up a static ip


afaik there is really a no other way for you to fix that besides than setting your Gateway to a existing device on the network with static ip (which might cause issues like 2 connections on same NIC...)


you should able to share files w,th homesharing just share the folder and make sure your homesharing settings are set to allow unidentified networks 

also disable protected sharing (or password sharing not sure) so you can connect

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