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unibody Macbook late 09 RAM upgrade

hey guys, (not sure if in the right place)


just a quick question that if you can answer, that would be great, as i am trying to find the most cost effective config for a friend.


i was just wondering if anyone knows what ram config is the best for a late 09 macbook unibody (the white one with the crappy rubber plastic thing on the bottom)


i currently have a config that works. but is quite hard to find and can be costly. i currently have 8gb of 1333MHz ram running at 1.35v, i know that 1.5v 1333MHz doesnt work and i know that 1600MHz at 1.35 doesnt work.


i was wondering if anyone knew if 1.5v 1067/1066MHz would work. or if any other configurations of 8gb works.


Thanks in advance for any insight.


(Tested Configs are preferred)

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