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There's no budget for this build it's for the "final stage" of my pc, I just want the most speed and performance. The link has i9 that's because I couldn't find a motherboard that's good and supports ryzen 9 and dosent need some sort of BIOS adjustments, so if you can that would be great.


I am designing a PC and can't find the right mother board. The Asus Rog Maximus XII HERO works but the m.2 drives share bandwidth with some of the sata ports and GPU ports so I can't have 2. Then the Asus Rog Maximus Extreme can fit the m.2 drives and data ports although, needs an extra 4 pin adapted to get the right voltage and I know it's not necessary but I would like to have it and my new PC, when I build it, mess up. I would the ability to have 2 hard rives, 2-4 SSD's, 2 NVME m.2 drives, 2 GPU slots and 2-4 preferably 4 RAM slots. What motherboard and power supply unit would be the best with the other components?


Here's the link to my PC builder link with the parts:


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