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Dell Precision T1500 no display

Hello everyone! I came across this Dell Precision T1500 at a garage sale and my Nerdy self took advantage of the deal. The sticker said it has an i7 but I couldn’t get the heat sink off because of the shallow Phillips head screws which did not want to turn with any sized screwdriver. I gave up not wanting to strip it. It included the pc without a side panel, a keyboard/mouse, and a GTX 460 1GDDR5 all for $40. I was told it didn’t post and the owner couldn’t get to the bios. I took it home and discovered that it started up great with all the fans working, but no display. It used DVI which I tried plugging into to the graphics card, and I even removed the Quaddro gpu to plug into the io with no luck. I got Ram beeps which seemed to disappear when I reseated them. What could be the issue?

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