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Good value budget mechanical keyboards

I'm looking to buy a budget wired keyboard mainly for work. I can get a Logitech k120 from dell Canada for $20 plus tax, but I figured I could upgrade to a $50 mechanical keyboard for not much more. Any recommendations around $50 Canadian?


I've tried cherry blue switches with rubber rings under the keycaps, but they're still too loud for me. Cherry Brown or red?

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cherry blue switches are clicky switches with a click jacket that produce the clicky sound, they are meant to make noise and a rubber o-ring won't help much except in dampening the downstroke noise of the switch ...


cherry brown and red don't have any click mechanism and therefore should be more silent ... but they are not silent switches with dampers inside so they will still produce some noise when typing. 


if you want some real silent switches you should get switches that have dampeners inside as the cherry silent red


side note there's more than just cherry and imo they really are not that good compared to other brand of switches, really not worth the extra cost. 


as for your original question the only keyboard I know from the top of my head that is less than 50$ cad is the redragon k552 and at the time I bought it the only switch available was the outemu blue ... those are quite loud and have a really bad spring ping so I'm not sure I would recommend that board even if you could get outemu red or brown in it. 

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Im not sure of the price but the KM360 by G skill is a good one

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