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So I recently picked up a few second hand CPU’s and I got this apu the Ryzen3 4300g. Now I don’t know if I’m just dense but I’m getting conflicting information, on which motherboard is appropriate for this chip. Anyone out there have experience with this Apu? 

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I looked for curiosity, my B450M-A supports the 4350G.

It would be arguably the lowest end B450 board you can buy.


The 4300G is an OEM part. Dell, HP ect.

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Thanks, yeah I figured out that it’s an oem part. Cant beat it for trading old Pokémon games and 2, 2 DS systems for it, an i7-9700k and an i5-9500 all second hand but I mean I feel like it’s worth the trade.


There are a few videos where they compare it to the 4350g on YouTube, so that’s probably the way to go. Just make sure to check whatever I get with that chip. This is going to be my first amd build, trying to make a tiny gaming rig. 

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