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Looking for help getting a Chelsio T520 CR running.

I plan to use Chelsio T520CR cards between two computers. I have the cards already but one computer has parts on the way still. I jumped ahead and tried installing one of the cards in my Windows 10 pc and ran into issues right away. I bought them used from Ebay, so maybe they're shot or maybe it requires being connected to another computer. There aren't any SFP+ cables connected yet, since those are also still being shipped.
Mobo is a Gigabyte X299 Designaire EX Rev 1.
I first stalled the card in the bottom PCI slot, it lit up and computer powered on, but never showed a bios screen and display wouldn't get passed a black screen or boot windows. Maybe trouble posting?
I then installed it into the middle PCI slot, and it booted fine. But windows doesn't seem to recognize the device. In device manager, it just shows 'Ethernet Controller' in the 'Other Devices' section, with the triangle icon. Update Drivers Automatically didn't do anything, and when I tried installing UWire from the Chelsio site, I got an error during installation:
"Installation Aborted: There seems to be some issue. Please collect the log from eventviwer & C:WindwsTempChelsioUwire_6.15.35.0_WIN_006.0.76_devlog and contact Chelsio Support" (I got this error with and without the NIC installed on the motherboard)
There aren't any new devices in Device Manager>Network Adapters nor Network Connections window from control panel.
Does anyone happen to have experience with these cards or know what's going on here? Is this expected behavior?
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Seems like a driver issue.


Id try a linux live disk to see if the card are working.



Can you get different nics like a intel or mellanox cards that work out fo teh box in windows

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