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I have 1 Amd rx 5700xt gpu and 1 Amd rx570. And my PSU is 650watt.(chip = Rayzen 5 3600) can i use both gpu same time? 

There seem to two separate possible questions here.


Can your PSU handle both of those GPU's running at the same time? Very questionable. Of course all we know about your PSU is the wattage, which is not much. 


Can you use both GPU's at the same time? It depends on what you mean by "use." If you mean use them both for gaming, the answer is no. However, you could use them both for other applications like folding. 

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5700xt = 200w

RX570 = 100w

Rayzen = 100w

Other = 50w


Yeah it will do.

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does your power supply have the necessary pcie power cables to hook up both GPU's without having to use those silly molex to 6-pin adapters?


as for using both GPU's at the same time... you'll need some sort of software that can make use of two different GPU's, you cant run them in crossfire if that's what you were hoping for.

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You cant use both gpus at the same time for the same task,they dont have an efficient way to work togheter.

You could use 1 gpu for mining and 1 for gaming,if thats what  you want since the rx 570 is efficient in mining.

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