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Upgrading a Mac Mini (late 2014) to a combo SSD + HDD

Hey there people!


I know I'm going to get some burns because of the fact that I own a Mac, but maybe I will catch the interest of some of you.


I recently bought a Mac Mini (late 2014), with these characteristics. I want to upgrade it to a combo SSD + HDD because you know why, but I can't find a way to know if it is possible or not to add a second SATA connector (like some you can find really cheap on Amazon), or if it comes with a PCI connector (like it seems to be the case, via iFixIt).


So i wonder what's the best solution:

  1. Buying a standard SATA SSD and replace the HDD with it
  2. Buying a standard SATA SSD as well as a kit with two SATA connectors and keep both in the Mac
  3. Buying a NVME SSD and plugging it in the elusive PCI port.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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