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My RAM is running over 50C underload.

My trident Z RAM. aka 2 x this exact kit right here: F4-3600C16D-16GTZNC is running rather hot. Granted I have four dimm slots being used on my motherboard, But I have quite a well ventilated case, AND currently due to BIOS limitations am only running the ram at 3200MHz out of it's rated 3600mhz at the exact same timings (MSI X570 UNIFY bios btw) . A few things though, that may indicate these temperatures.

As seen below my RAM is running at 1.36V. Which seems way to high, for a 3200mhz below advertised speeds. I have actually lowered the voltage in the BIOS, although It still shows rather high voltage here? am I doing something else wrong?

There some other voltages of there of course, But I'm mainly focused on the RAM BASED ones. Please let me know if I can lower any voltages further as shown here. AND if you have experience with MSI X570 BIOS' perhaps I could get an explanation as to why some of the voltages I've lowered haven't lowered themselves down, even after shutting down completely them starting up again. Btw, I'm using a Ryzen 7 5800X, if that helps! Please post any experinces as well as answers in the chat, related to the following ONLY thankyou!




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