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MATX SFF Case that is 16l and can fit a graphics card.

For ages, I have looked for a case that is more compact and can fit a matx, a graphics card and have plenty of space for cooling.


I have noticed most sff matx cases either only have space for Low Profile GPUs or could only have larger GPUs if mounted vertically.


Well now i found the case for me, and trust me I was to get it from this website as well, see in the link below.




If card removed alot of the unnecessary space i found at the font of most cases and with it being MTAX the height is as small as can be with a ATX PSU making it 270 * 175 * 354mm.


Now this case can be shipped to most countries and if you are in the UK you can get free shipping but it is a plain Chinese case.


Just thought id post it to save someone ease searching for one as I did.


If anyone has any other ideas, please post here as well.

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