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Issues With the common denominator being USB ports.

So I have kind of a jank setup. But it boils down to I have a 4 port USB hub that runs to a USB switch. With the switch then leading to my laptop or my desktop. When I'm on my laptop I never have issues with what ever is plugged into that hub. But as soon as I click the switch to go to my desktop if I do anything "stressful" (Load a game from an external drive not plugged into the hub.) on any of the USB ports on the desktop everything plugged into USB acts as if it loses power. Both ends of the switch lead into USB 3.0 ports. I've also had it where if I have things plugged into USB on the desktop I get an error code I've found to either mean motherboard failure or CPU failure. It will continue to spit out that code until I unplugged all USB devices.


I suspect that it's a power delivery issue. But given the same setup on the laptop works it baffles me. Especially when I put it under the same amount of load.


Anyone got any ideas if it is a power delivery issue? Or is my motherboard actually knocking on deaths door? Solutions would also be appeached.


USB setup



Note: Unplugging everything and replugging it after it bugs out seems to fix it for a while until it bugs out again later. It will also bug out repeatly if I'm loading something of the external HHD.

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