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Hello all,

Upon turning my pc on this morning, the lights clicked on, then off, then the rig starts up, fans start spinning etc.

It then gets stuck on the AMIBIOS screen (american megatrends), the one where it shows you what motherboard and processor you have, memory, detected drives, etc. (it does display a cpu fan error on the attached picture, but that has been displayed on that screen since i first built the pc, never caused any issues, so i do not think it is related at all. ) However I have never noticed the paragraph below the cpu fan error, detailing intel optane memory or raid config, so maybe that could be something.

So anyways on this amibios screen, I have to press F1 to run setup, which takes me into the bios, from there i can access the boot menu and choose the windows boot manager to load from.

I then get a republic of gaming logo appear on screen with a buffer icon.

it then displays another screen, with just the buffer icon

after a while, windows loads up and i can use everything as if nothing was wrong at all.

I have tried doing a system restore, but the issue still persists. I have tried turning the pc on with nothing else plugged in besides the display port and power adapter. As well as unplugging all external drives and my other ssd.

I ran into a similar issue to this a while back, where my pc would not turn on at all, lights and fans would keep flicking on and off.aThis happened after not using the computer for a few monthes, due to being away from home for a bit. After numerous reboots, unplugging  everything etc, it did finally turn on, whereby my pc installed an nvidia update and windows update, and then it has worked fine ever since. However there has been the occasional time where the pc just turns itself off and reboots. Just thought i should mention this event, just in case it could shed light on what is going on now.

I havent installed any new hardware to the build, the spec sheet included is the same it has been since i put it all together.

I will post pictures of my pc specs and the screens i have mentioned above.

Pc specs - https://drive.google.com/file/d/14uVopZkCWXosYcpcmt0zoOVhGmVzFqZn/view

Amibios screen that it gets stuck on - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CZrOqPjY2YNYy78esfxC1g6i4MDGOy3I/view

Bios screen displayed after pressing f1 to enter setup - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CcYBWdKv4Gjxz871CKuc7RPBEbs38lwp/view

Boot menu, I click on windows boot manager - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ClV_WccX_oNwI2bXbZTDZxCSJbyL0J_Q/view

asus republic screen displayed after clicking on windows boot manager - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CvlzzOH_5hqrmLjXuauN8HDRChRZKctT/view

buffer screen after asus republic screen (normal windows lock screen is displayed after this screen, but it does take a while) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D5wXUbHvf6OsrcT5JyYQ2-5mYpnA4wGM/view


I installed a new cmos battery,  which doesnt seem to have done much. It didnt do the click on and off, before turning on when i got home from work today. So I'm wondering if that has been fixed, however I did leave the machine plugged in, so I will find out in the morning after turning it off at the wall, whether that issue has potentially been fixed. I still get stuck on this american trends screen, i always have to manually go to the boot menu and boot windows that way. I'm wondering if it's just a fault with the motherboard, or perhaps my bios is damaged somehow. Faulty ssd perhaps? I'm going to dust off the manual tomorrow and see if there is a way to restore the bios to factory settings. Otherwise I have no idea what to do.

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Lol, you should update your bios to the newest one, or any of the other 19 updates since 2017.  



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10 hours ago, Heliian said:

Lol, you should update your bios to the newest one, or any of the other 19 updates since 2017.  



I've updated the bios and that has not fixed the issue. 

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Could be a drive issue, make sure the Intel storage and raid is disabled. 

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