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G305/4 doesn't work on PC but works on Laptop

Go to solution Solved by Mr.Stork,

Apprantly it was the battery, lmao

Idk whats going on, I already have a wired G102 lightsync, which works on both PC and Laptop, but my today purchased G304 wireless from Amazon which isn't working on my PC (Win10 Pro) but is working on my laptop (Win10 Home).

On laptop I just plugged it in for the first time and it just worked. Not so much on my pc, I have OnBoardMemoryManager (OBM) and Logitech GHub on my Pc, OBM detects there's a USB reciever, but can't connect, but GHub doesn't detect anything.


Note: Laptop isn't using it's built in bluetooth AFAIK, as the mouse only works when I plug in the usb reciever provided with the mouse, I tried pairing with only laptop's built in bluetooth, but it didnt work

Although I still have 10 days to replace it, I don't think replacing it would be a good idea because it does work on my Laptop.


Let me know if there's any more details I can provide. Thanks!

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