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Headphones detected as 2 channel speakers, instead of 8 channel




Thank you for your time in advance. I am extremely frustrated with my issue, and not sure how to fix, after spending hours upon hours trying.

I am using the Hyper X Orbit S -- I assume these are higher power than 'usual' gaming headphones - not sure if this is the cause of being misallocated as speakers.

Interestingly it can be that the headphones will start as 8 channel, and then quickly be changed into 2 channel mode.

I have tried to mess with the drivers to see what is causing it to no avail - I thought it could be the SoundBlaster card. However, sometimes I can get the computer to 'fail' to change the headphones to speakers (deactivating everything, reactivating etc). I have searched for controllers to change this upon query search results - unable to find Realtek controller on my pc (tried what I thought was the file directly but failed).






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2 minutes ago, BiotechBen said:


Thanks for the research mate. I should note that it is being used on PC with a USB-type c, and it previously worked reliably in 8 channel mode, so it isn't the wire.

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