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Using a server PSU for 12v power supply

Hi everyone!


I'm upgrading an old PrintrBot Plus 3D printer. This is the original PrintrBot and there is no support for this printer anymore. I'm using a BigTreeTech SKR-E3-DIP for the new controller and a BigTreeTech BTT-TFT35-E3-V3.0 for the display.


I have an old Dell server PSU that I would like to use as the power supply for the printer. It's small size will be perfect for mounting to the printers chassis.


Does anyone know how to get this PSU to power on when the 120v power is turned on? I tried just plugging it in, but I only get 2v off of the positive.







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You need to figure out which pin is the power on and then send that to ground.


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OK, so I got it sorted out. All that needs to be done is to connect three pins and your good to go. The pins are pins 3 and 4 on the left side and then run a wire from those two pins to pin # 3 on the right side. You will get your power off of the large clip style pins on the right side. the 3 on the left are the negative and the three on the right are the positive. Depending on your PSU, you may need to figure out how to add cooling fan, as these are meant to be cooled by the noisy system fans. Here's a pic of how to connect everything. I'll post up the finished PSU when I get the fan installed.


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