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Infinity Fabric setting isn't showing in BIOS.


I'm getting really frustrated slowly.


I had a Gigabyte A520I AC,

it turned out that I can't overclock my APU.

I disassembled my PC and changed the Mainboard to AsRock B550M-ITX.

The OC is pretty solid but I see no Infinity Fabric setting anywhere.


It seems like Infinity Fabric is a feature that no dumbass company mentions when selling their Mainboards.


How do I overclock the damn IF.

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8 hours ago, boggy77 said:

you can only change infinity fabric settings for zen 2 and zen 3. you apu is most likely zen or zen+

So only the new 4000 series APUs work?
Are you very sure about it? I would try a x570 mainboard otherwise. But if you're sure then nvm.

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10 hours ago, BotDamian said:

How do I overclock the damn IF.

Overclock the memory, the IF will remain 1:1 ratio and OC with it.

- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! - - Your post codes and beep codes in the drop down below -




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