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Hi, this is my first post so bear with me. I recently got a new receiver the Denon AVRX2600H. It worked great. Turned on when i put the TV on and turned off when the TV was off. Now when i put the TV on the receiver goes on but when i want to raise the volume with my tv remote it raises the volume of the TV instead of the Denon like it always did. And when i turn the TV off it only turns the TV off instead of both the TV and receiver. So i believe the TV or receiver loses connection with each other..So when i'm done watching digital tv for example, i have to press 3 buttons to turn everthing off. 1 TV ,1 receiver and 1 for decoder for digital TV. I have reset the receiver completely and turned OFF all settings for ARC and then everything back ON. And just now i turned my TV off and 20 seconds later the receiver turned off on its own... mind boggling. And when i turn the TV on and receiver is already on it turns the receiver off.. i'm lost with options. Any idea? New HDMI cable? Sent receiver back for repairs? Thank in advance

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welcome to the shit storm that is arc/earc. dont worry thou thats just one of many things youll see dealing with arc/earc now and then

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