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Here's a design I'd like for a good quality mobile controller. Does anyone know anyone who can build it?

So in my quest to find a good mobile controller, I've decided to design some of my own. Here's an overview.


There would be six individual SKUs, three basic, and three advanced.


The first controller would be handlebar-style (like the psvita and gameboy advance.) 


The second would be clamshell style Like the DS)


The third would also be clamshell styleb but include a resistive touchscreen. (You're probably thinking this is intended to better emulate ds and 3ds games. You'd be right.)


All three controllers would utilize the Xbox/Playstation face button layout, with two circle pads oriented below the Face buttons and D-pad, similar to the Dualshock series. I would like the L3 and R3 buttons to be built into the 3ds style circle pads, however I'd settle for putting them as a separate button off to the side of each pad. 


All three controllers would feature 4 face buttons, two rear buttons, two rear analog triggers, a Nintendo-style D-pad, two 3ds-like circle pads the start and select buttons, a system menu button, and a turbo button


The turbo button is a common staple of third party controllers, however I'd include some unique funtionality. Double-tap the turbo button, and an LED ring around the button will flash rapidly. Hold any button to activate turbo on that button. Repeat process to deactivate turbo. Hold the button down to enter sustained press mode, then hold down the button you want. The LED will sustain. to program. Now when the button is pressed once, it'll behave as if it is being held down. Pressing it again will stop. Repeat the programming process to disable sustained press. Double tap and hold to program sustained turbo. The led will blink slowly (relative to the flashing of turbo mode.) The programmed button will behave as if it is being held down with turbo mode enabled.  Again, repeat the programming process to disable it. 


All three controllers will feature a capacitive Stylus and built-in holder. The third controller will feature a double-ended stylus for both resistive and capacitive touchscreens.


The handlebar style will stretch open with a spring-loaded slide, while the clamshell design will feature a rotating clip to enable both portrait and landscape orientations.


The advanced set has all the features of the basic set, but also includes it's own APU, RAM, and Storage dedicated for running and storing mobile games. Unfortunately I don't think Android is compatible with these "hardware boosters" just yet.


The third controller's resistive touchscreen will be compatible woth a select number of apps, and will also be able to display a full qwerty keyboard, albeit with the limitations of a resistive touchscreen.


The clamshell controllers would measure 6 inches by 3 inches, to fit with most smartphones, the clip would open up to 3.6 inches to fit most smartphones, and be able to extend and rotate for portrait or landscape mode.


The handlebar controller would be about 3-4 inches vertically, with a slide that could stretch up to 7.5 inches wide to accommodate almost any smartphone. 


All three controllers would have its own internal battery, a USB-C passthrough and port for charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in headphones. 


So there's my controller design. Probably the most difficult thing to find would be the circle pads, but everything else should be easily available. Now comes the question. Do you know anyone who can build it? If Linus can do it, I'd pay him to do so. All the websites I've found mostly do pre-made controller mods rather than fully custom builds.

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What i need is something like Ipega 9083s, just with a wider telescope so it can fit 6.8 inch phone and still be able to play in portrait mode.

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8 hours ago, centurion_08 said:

What i need is something like Ipega 9083s, just with a wider telescope so it can fit 6.8 inch phone and still be able to play in portrait mode.

I've tried the Ipega Red Knight. The problem is the quality control is terrible. The one I got broke within Amazon's 30 day return period. I got an 8BitDo after that. The SN30Pro+ I got lasted a year before breaking.

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12 hours ago, DriftMan said:

So you just want a frankenpad? Anyway, I can't picture this, care to share a diagram or drawing?

Sorry, I'm terrible at graphic presentation. There are several existing mobile gamepads, just lacking decent quality. Supposedly the Razer Kishi is good, but it doesn't have a battery. And at an $80 price tag, the quality to price ratio is way off.

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