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asus rtx 3090 EKWB, tuf or strix?



hi there 🙂


So im currently looking to make a custom loop watercooled pc and i noticed that asus makes these cards with preinstalled waterblocks called asus rtx 3090 EKWB and was wondering if anybody here knows anything about them?

should i buy this 3090 EKWB so i dont have to install the waterblock myself or should i go ahead and buy a strix or tuf instead?

notice i have never installed a waterblock on a gpu before and i have had bad luck before where i have had to make RMA on my graphics card. So would i void warranty if i install waterblock on strix of tuf?

any tips plz? 🙂



also i see that there is no 3090 EKWB OC version would i be able to get same clock speeds out of the normal EKWB as TUF and Strix oc versions if i overclock it with msi afterburner?

i guess the only difference between non OC and OC version is the clock speed or am i wrong?

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In my opinion, the ASUS EKWB GeForce RTX™ 3090 24GB GDDR6X is a good deal with the current prices.


Instead of paying for a scalper jacked-up price for an RTX 3090 (~$4000), you are paying $3000 for the EKWB:

  • a $1000 EK waterblock (included in the price)
  • warranty direct from the manufacturer
  • more peace-of-mind, with certainty of a brand new product (not an open box, and who knows what else scalpers do)
  • cheaper than buying a stock RTX 3090 + separate waterblock

The scalper bots just don't want to mess with this niche product, but if you are doing a custom loop, then this has a lot going for it in terms of overall value.


(I just got mine in the mail last week, so I might be a bit biased)


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