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Cant Choose A Replacment Board For My i7-4790 Non K

I am simple confussed since here in AUS getting new 1150 boards only shows 1 2slot board but there are some that look healthy and was wondering what to chose.

I game with a Msi Z97 PC MATE 1070 G1 8GB 32gb Ram and the i7 4790 I dont plan overclocking but want to make sure its not cheap.

I say the asus Z87-C and Z87-K and cannot chose plus there just under 100$ but there are better boards but I have no need the msi board I have is starting to age and it has 2 cpu pins bent by pure luck it lasted a year but I am noticing speed issues slow games even csgo and css seem to stutter more and I'v tried all the stuff on my friends old pc and his G2200 with my 1070 and tested it on his spare 1150 board but it has 4x slot from a dell system and the ram are fine.


Heres the List

100$ AU

Asus Z87-C

Asus Z87-K



105$ AU

Asus B-85-A-R2.0



160$ AU

Asus Z97-P

Asus Z97-K



199$ AU




I know there only decent boards to chose from I am hoping the Z87 is my best bet 100$ plus 4 ram slots for my ram and planty of stuff.

Yes I know cost of hardware in AUS is horrendis a MSRP new gpu like a 3090 is 3000$ AU 2300US that is the cheapest card.

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