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Please help me! Windows on New SSD keeps corrupting!

Hello guys, a few months back i bought a 240 gig msata ssd from amazon. Since i was tight on budget, i went with those cheapo "Dogfish" chinese ssds. Once i got it, i installed windows on it as usual. Not even a few minutes into windows and everything would completely freeze up without any way to get control, forcing me to force shut my laptop down. After doing so, when trying to get back in windows, the whole installation would always get corrupted.


I know you what you are saying, the SSD is probably bad, return it. Thing is, i already did ask seller to give me a replacement. However i think the seller was too lazy to do that and just sent me back a refund without asking me to return the ssd. So, I have a free 240 gig ssd on my hands. I know youre saying whats the use of having a faulty ssd, its no use. Well actually i have been using this ssd for quite a while as a secondary disk, and its actually running perfectly fine. I have no damn idea why it works perfectly as a secondary disk but not happy with windows on it.


So I was wondering, is there any way to speed windows up while using this drive in secondary? I am still using a hard drive and i know that i got my money back, but i am trying to make some use of it. It works perfectly fine as a storage drive and i find it such a waste to not use. Is there any solution to use it as primary, without windows getting corrupted every time? I really tried many things to make it work, switching from ahci to raid, using gpt/mbr, and what not.


I am currently using some of its space as readyboost, but idk if it really helps. Is there a way that i can load some of the windows files on this secondary disk? Thanks guys for replying to me. It means alot to me if someone could help me out :)

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No, don't try to spread windows over other drives, that won't help.

Either sell it on craigslist or save up for a proper SSD.

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Yes, sell it, and get a cheap decent SSD like Kingston A400 or Sanddisk Plus.

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Just use it as a secondary to store non-essential data i.e. games...

Don't sell it, would be a dick move knowing it doesn't work properly, don't screw the next poor guy.

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9 minutes ago, Kilrah said:

Just use it as a secondary to store non-essential data i.e. games...

Don't sell it, would be a dick move knowing it doesn't work properly, don't screw the next poor guy.

ah okay, alright. I guess thats the best i could do with it. Thanks guys 🙂 But I am still wondering, why it works perfectly fine as a secondary disk and goes bonkers if i try to boot from it. Could anyone give me a good explanation why this drive is being so fussy? 

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