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I have an SSD and it was working fine but when I unplugged it so I can change its orientation, I plugged it back in but now I can't access anything anymore. It was originally in NTFS file format but its now in RAW and there is data on there there I want to recover. I have changed the Sata cable and its not that. I have done chkdsk and it won't fix the issue. 

Is there any free software that DOESN'T need a licence to be run to recover the data on the SSD so I can move it to my HDD temporarily so I can then revert the SSD back to NTFS. I don't need to know to turn the SSD back into NTFS, just that I need a software without any catch like payment needed after a certain amount of data recovered. 

I've tried EaseUS but that has a cap

I've tried Disk Drill and it has a cap


Please help!

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One option would be:

Boot clonezilla, or any linux live cd.

Make an image of whole ssd (in case you screw up, this is not optional - if you care about data you must do it. You should never run any tools which do any modifications to disk before you create an image.).

Try fixing partition table using testdisk. If you are lucky it might be an easy/fast fix.


That said if ssd has hardware issues the data is probably unrecoverable.

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