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i cant find my samsung galaxy note 10 plus chrome downloads.

i moved downloads location to sd card,and now i am unable locate download location on sd card.i clicked every folder and cant find it after android 12 update.yet i am able videos then they are downloaded but unable find download location.wtf is going on..?
using samsung note 10 plus here.

i cant find this path anywhere on my sd card..its not under android folder to..
please explain wtf is going on


even i search file name it finds nofting...

if select file from chrome menu downloads it plays just fine and opens

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i can see space used on sd card after downloading,but no download folder..not trolling here

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The file path you mentioned is the Android app data directory, which is on INTERNAL storage and is hidden from regular file explorer access. You will need a more capable file manager app that lets you view and access hidden folders.


They are not that hard to find. Good luck

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but why it shows internal path,if i set chrome from setttings to manually download into sd card?i never wanted chrome to download internal storage.

+ i have ask where to download and always select sd card

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