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Shout out to my aging DTT3500 speaker system...


However, after almost 14 years of service and the endless upgrades this system has had to endure, and the moving from place to place that i've done over the past 14 years... I've decided to retire/replace them with a more current 5.1 Digital System, Logitech Z906...


Even though the remote control stopped working eon's ago and as a testament to the quality and reliability the DTT3500 sound system, the remaining components contiue to work on a daily basis providing decent sound even with my current Soundblaster Z sound card...


It's unfortunate that Cambridge Soundworks decided to dissappear almost overnight, would've like to replace this system with another fine updated Cambridge Soundworks product...


Thanx for reading...




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Shout out to my 95 Civic LX making 80 horsepower and maybe 50 lb ft of torque. 
It doesn't go up hills and gets 40mpg. The only thing that works/isn't trash is the steering, and I measured that as 2.9 turns lock to lock. 
The rear suspension is collapsed, and the gear lever has 4 inches of play in any gear but 4th, the clutch is about as good as it gets on a stock 95 Civic. 
The sound system sounds hollow, and the head unit only has cassette. 
The alternator is dying, and the only brakes it has left are the rear drums, because the rotors are gone on the front. 
I hate this car and will be both happy and sad that its gone on the 28th. 

Thanks for listening to pointless posts. 

I chug piss. 

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