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So, I'm trying to recover a drive from a computer after trying to upgrade the size.

Got it out, got the new one, used an external cloning drive bay to clone it.
Didn't work.
Put the 2 drives in separate drive bays and used Macrium Reflect to copy it.
Corrupted the original drive into saying No OS Found.
Took it to the local tech store (Where I got the Macrium advice from).

They corrupted it further. But got some data onto the second drive, but not enough.
Hooked it up to Linux (Zorin OS), and planned to drag and drop.

Wouldn't appear and had 22 faults in Disk manager.
Tried using EaseUS to copy for one to another via laptop.

They want me to pay before I move anything. I'm not paying $70 to use it once.

So now, I'm out of ideas. Anyone know of any free software that would allow me to see the drive and move selected parts of it that I choose across to another?
Also, working with a 500gb (OS) drive form 2012, a new 1tb drive bought 2 weeks ago, and a 500gb 2.5" drive bought a few months ago. With an Orico cloning bay, and a HP Envy laptop.

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