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[RESOLVED] 5800x freezing and restarting.

UPDATE: the issue was a defective motherboard. not a cpu issue



so i’ve had my 5800x for a couple weeks but today, i had left my computer idle, nothing running except discord, and i come back to a black screen, unresponsive computer, and my fans going full tilt. after a restart, i get to the desktop and then suddenly restart, as if i had pressed the reset button on my case. this kept going every single restart, sometimes the whole computer would just lockup and the fans would start going full tilt again. i tried updating my bios to no avail, reseated ram, and tried different ram configs. Nothing. this whole setup had been working for weeks before this and i hadn’t changed anything in bios or in windows.





MSI x570 tomahawk

8gb ddr4 2400mhz (yes i know it’s garbage but it’s temporary)

1650 super (again, temporary)

corsair rm750x

sabrent rocket 4.0 500gb

samsung 870 qvo 2tb



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