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Is it safe to connect a broken hdd?

I have a 2015 1TB HDD laying in my corner

Its broken and i want to see if i can fix it.

I have an ssd plugged into my computer and wanted to add the storage, is it possible to fix the HDD without removing the ssd?

P.S. im a newb so pls help

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At worst it's going to lock up your system and you need to reboot. That said if it's broken you're most likely not going to be fixing it, just try to get any data out and then dispose it.

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41 minutes ago, Don Loong II said:

Its broken

broken how? 

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9 hours ago, TylerDurden! said:

broken how? 

@TylerDurden! it wont boot windows, had to change the hdd. If it did boot up windows, it would be very slow and say "100% disk usage"

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