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How much watt is necessary?

So i've got 2 graphics cards. One is the RTX 2060 tuf gaming oc 6gb and the other is tge RTX 2060 dual oc evo 6gb. Almost the same. Thing is I only have a 550w power supply and im noticing my screen is turning black sometimes. How much watt would be necessary to run these two graphic cards without the chance of frying the psu? I'm pretty sure i'm pushing it to its limits, but I know too little about this to be sure. Thank you for help :)

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So side comment, FYI that you are most likely fully aware of. The 2060 does not run NVlink or SLI therefore the benifit of two GPUs is only found in some work loads / scenarios 

So general sensus seems to be an additional 2060 is between 175wats and 200watts but Nvidea say 160w

you can use link below to see how much you other components require. 

it will give you a good idea then just add 160/200 to the total for the 2nd GPU.

Ive found a search for many running SLI 2070 which use a small amount additional.. Many of them use  850watts, a few 750.


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Yeah I know its just that the 2070 or anything else over the 2060 is pretty expensive so I didn't really have a choice bc of my budget, but thank you 🙂 I'll look into it and see. Might just sell my two 2060's and buy a 30 series or something

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