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970 EVO way too slow (x570 tomahawk)

Hi guys,

I know there are several topics regarding x570 and NVMe issues; however, my problem is quite odd and I could not find a solution so far:

I am using a X570 Tomahawk Wifi and have the 970 evo installed in slot M2_2 (below the gpu).
Both slots should technically support up to PCIe 4.0 x4, however, my read and write speed on the drive are abysmal with 835 Mb/s and 838 Mb/s, respectively (tested in Samsung Magician and CrystalDisk).
So, far off of what should be possible. However, all tools tell me that the drive is running as intended with PCIe 3.0 x4 (CrystalDisk, HWinfo, Samsung Magician etc).

The rest of my of build looks as follows:

  • 5900x
  • 3090 strix
  • 4x8 Corsair Vengeance
  • 860 evo (plugged in SATA port 6)

Samsung driver and controller are installed, firmware is up to date. I am currently running the newest beta bios for my board and have also installed the newest chipset driver (also deleted and reinstalled everything already).
Temperatures of the drive are also completely fine (~35°C idle and 40 to 50°C under load).
Unfortunately, the Bios gives basicially no options to set the lanes manually for the drive (yes, I am using the "advanced" mode :)). I can only select whether the chipset or cpu lanes should use Gen 3, 4 or AUTO and the config for PCIe_E1. I switched the PCIe_E1 config from Auto to 4x4x4x4 - strangly this doubled the read and write speed, but my gpu was obviously only running with x4 instead of x16. At least this showed me, that it might be not the drive itself but some configuration is off.

Any ideas?

Screenshot 2021-01-24 122315.png

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