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NZXT AER RF 140 mm Fans Mounting Screws

Hello! I recently purchased AER 140 mm fans from someone and it did not come with any screws. I wanted to know how I can fit it into my NZXT H500 case as PC fans. Attached below are pictures for reference. I would just like to know how big of a screw that I may need for this since I no longer have any screws at home. I would very much appreciate your response thank you so much!

The model written on the back side of the fans are: RF-AP140-FP


The screw holes look really huge, I'd like to know what dimensions of screws I'd need and if any other things are needed for me to mount these Thank you so much!







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They are M5x10 screws (metric). You can buy packs of them from any store selling PC hardware. Your case might also come with couple extras.

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