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why come Cyber Ghost is not working...?


my internet connections are blocked with a certain key words that appear in the URL (this is confirmed over, definitely); so, now i have been using cyber ghost VPN and i mainly use them for a particular game, cuz the game name of the IP adress at the end has that word flagged in the game name, i tried using hot spot shield, and it doesn't cover other programs other than the browsers, so i used cyber ghost and it was working until yesterday, now, when i open cyber ghost and connect, even when i open firefox and browse, it doesn't access that particular site

oh, by the way, entering the IP adress instead, and they do not work, and it's the online game that i want to hook the proxy on, the browsers, i have them fine, the think is, i paid hotspot shield and it doesn't even work for the purpose i wanted for it to...

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