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Asus GTX 1650 LP vs MSI GTX 1650 LP? Which one is better?

Hello guys!


Even though some GPUs is sold out all over Amazon and other places, I'm looking to buy a decent GPU for my HP Elitedesk 800 G2.


Since it only have 200W I can only use Low profile GPU. I currently have a MSI 1050ti which works great with the 200W but I want to upgrade it since these low profile cards only consume max 75W.


Now between these two GTX 1650, which one would you recommend and is there any significant difference between them? 🙂

I've been looking around and found out that the Asus GPU have Zero RPM when it's in idle mode up to 55-60 Celsius. Is that any good? Is it even recommend to have a Zero RPM on idle/web browsing?


The MSI 1050ti I'm using today does not have Zero RPM, but the fan is constantly on running at 40%, which can be a bit annoying, since it's a bit loud and I can't go lower than that even when using Afterburner.


Anyway back to the topic! Which one would you recommend? 🙂

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Hello! Did you make your decision yet? I personally think that the 1050ti to a 1650 would not be a worthwhile upgrade unless you get them for a steal. I have the Gigabyte 1650 low pro D5 in my HP Elite 8300 sff. One of the fans make a terrible loud buzzing sound/rattling on occasion when I start up, but fans running max on high quality games doesn't have that issue, which has me stumped. A few amazon reviews say the same thing, but not a lot of info on this is out there. I wouldn't buy the Gigabyte again, but heard sometimes people have similar issues with the MSI. I've heard nothing on the Asus one, so Go Asus! 😊

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