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Linkstation keeps disconnecting/really slow access speeds?

Hi all,

I've just recently bought a new NAS to take my usable storage from 8tb up to 20ish, I'm currently migrating all my data accross onto the new server and I'm having a number of really frustrating issues.

I managed to get a buffalo linkstation ls520d to help tide me over until I got hold oft this new nas, and it has a couple of big folders on it and I cant get them off it. One of the folders is about a terrabyte so not enormous but also not a quick 5 minute job. I keep trying to transfer it to the new server and each time the transfer starts out at about 50 or so MB/s and then after a couple of minutes just tanks down to 1 or 2 MB/s or even just fully stops doing anything. every so often it will also just disconnect fully, but no error codes are logged and I'm just left with a crashed transfer. I have no idea why it's so bad, all the cables are good, the nas receiving the data is coping fine when copying similar sized folders from elsewhere, it's just this linkstation being a pain. any tips would be great, I unforunately can't just take the disks out and transfer it directly from my computer as the linkstation is set up in to pool both its drives together in raid so that's a no go. the only thing I have left to try is to plug a passport drive into the back of the nas and copy using the built in usb 3.0 port but I'm guessing that's also going to be a right arsepain!




I'm aware windows file transfer is not ideal at the best of times, so any suggestions of a different solution using windows but maybe via a different program would be appreciated!


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