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MSI B450m Mortar Max - NVME compatibility?

Hey everyone I recently brought 2  512GB ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro v1's for 50$ each. I knew beforehand my motherboard (Mortar Max) can handle 2 NVME's and I've read on some posts that it will disable the PCIE slot for the 2nd NVME slot.  My question is, would it be better if I used an add-in card like this one https://shopee.ph/Dual-M.2-Pcie-Adapter-M2-Ssd-Nvme-(M-Or-Sata-(B-Key)-22110-2280-2260-2242-2230-To-Pci-E-3.0-X-4-Hos-i.217588470.6432871461 so that I can fit more NVMEs and a SATA SSD? Or is there any other way to circumvent the 2-NVME only limit? Any help would be appreciated, thank you! 

Motherboard: MSI B450m Mortar Max

Processor: Ryzen 7 2700 w/ Wraith Prism

RAM: Klev Cras X 3200mhz 8gb x2

GPU:  Zotac Mini GeForce GTX 1070ti 8GB

PSU: Seasonic GX-750

Case: Inplay Robin 101 + 10 fans w/ hub and remote

Storage: Toshiba 1TB, Western Digital WD Green 1TB, Crucial BX500 480GB

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