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Any remote desktop over wired ethernet software that is suitable for online gaming?

I'm in the process of building a new setup right now, and one key feature I'm trying to make possible for myself is the ability to have my entire peripheral setup hot-swappable between my desktop and any given laptop via one single thunderbolt connection.

I'm sure it's been done before but I've never personally seen it, so I guess I'll have to do it myself. A gaming PC with a multi-monitor, audio interface, speakers, headphones, microphone, external hard drive enclosure or RAID array and (obviously) kb+m setup plugged in all through one single thunderbolt hub, which can be easily moved from my gaming PC to my laptop to get some work done and be able to take it with me when I need to go, but while also being able to easily go back to being able to game as I was with out having to fiddle with it every time. As seamless as possible.


When this setup is in use with a laptop, it will leave my gaming PC headless, with no peripherals at all connected save for potentially storage.


Setting the practicality of this particular use case aside, I'm shooting for excess here. In this spirit, I'm wondering if there is any truly good way for me to remotely control my headless gaming  PC from that fully docked in laptop over a wired Ethernet connection (they'll literally be on the same desk) with negligible to no input delay, enough so to not prohibit online gaming or any audio/video work I'll be doing with precise cuts and edits.


Preferably an OS-agnostic solution, but if its only possible on Windows that's fine. What I had in mind preliminarily would involve directly connecting the two computers via an ethernet cable from one to the other and controlling via RDP but I'm not sure if this is the optimal way to go as far as latency is concerned.


It's my first time doing something like this (I've always settled for sub par setups so I'm kind of overcompensating here with my dream battlestation) and its my first time posting here so if I left anything out please be gentle😅

Any input or experience yall could bring here would be greatly appreciated!



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You can use AMD Link if you have a Radeon Card.

Or install splashtop.

I never done this but, remote gaming will have high latency, only suitable for low latency gaming like simulation.

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