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Galahad 360 AIO rgb not working correctly

Hi There, 


I have recetly bought a Galahad 360 AIO. 

After installing everything I did a test run to see if all rgb, fans and pump would work correctly. On my first boot everything lit up for second then the pump rgb went dark and one fan started flickering. 

I have turned off the pc thinking that something was not plugged correctly, but all seemed good. 

Double checked, triple checked. nothing seemed out of order. Fans are plugged into the CPU header, AIO into AIO header, rgb to rgb header. 

I turned it back on and... now no RGB on on the pump, 1 fan works fine, one has no rgb, and last one flickers on and off. 


Watched few vids on how to install this thing but it seems that is plugges where it supposed to. 


My rig:
Asus ROG X470-F Gaming 

AMD 2700X

16gb ram Gskill running at 3200

gigabyte 2070

PSU Corsair RM750x

all wrapped into a Lian-Li dynamic (bought with the AIO)


I don't understand if I have a defective unit or I have done something wrong. 

Please help 😄



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Your problem was resolved? I am have the same one, my pump never lights and the fans dont sync

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