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in聽this聽video from 2018, Linus talks about the smart bulb world, now that we are in 2021 I would love to hear what the status is now with new competitors like IKEA entering the market. let me hear som thoughts 馃槃

might be a video idea since i see this video come up everytime i serch anything smart light so world be awsome with an update 馃槃

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I don't know much about it but a quick glance聽on聽their website and it still seems very rip-off worthy to me聽馃槀.

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1. Ikea/Tradfri are trash.

2. Hue is still a ripoff but I bought them after trying Ikea bulbs.

3. Don't buy official Phillips hue remotes. There plastic聽feel like a cheap聽McDonalds toys.

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They鈥檝e settled into the same price category as the rest for the most part.

If you want a microprocessor and wireless data equipment crammed into every lightbulb, prepare to pay more for it than you would a regular lightbulb.

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phillips hue? more like phillips HOE

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The ikda bulbs work in the philips ecosystem. myplayhouse did a video on it

Please tag me @RTX 3090聽so I can see your reply

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@RTX 3090聽It works but at the same time it doesn't which is why I tossed the tradfri bulbs (kept the remotes) and bought hue:

-聽bulbs flicker during peak hours -> Phillips hue works fine

- firmware bugs -> from time to time the bulbs are unresponsive and power needs to be removed for a few minutes

- (horrible "technical"聽Ikea support)

There are few more limitations when it comes to hue integration.

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Do you want a light system that tightly integrates with your Network and can be synced with near anything? Do you want to stick with a company that makes Smart Bulbs of varying sizes that others don't? Then no, as Phillips probably offers the best you can get in this area.

Do you just want lights that can be controlled over WiFi? Then yes, though I probably wouldn't trust anything from Ikea. The biggest problems can be finding a bulb that produces the colors you want and offers varying bulb sizes for things such as ceiling fans.

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Home automation is coming along but I still feel it is in the early adopter phase, expect to pay more until they become a more viable alternative. For now know you are an early adopter and pay the money for the decent offering. A budget offering will just have all the useful things cut out to make a quick buck for someone, they do not help to bring the tech into the affordable space other than to apply a little pressure to the quality products to become more affordable sooner to compete.

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I've never felt Hue was a rip off.

Of all my "smart" home things my Hue lights have been the most reliable, has the wides usable range of dimming etc. (I don't use that much colored lights as I use Hue stuff mainly for general lighting and I don't want my home to feel like a borthel)聽

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Personally, I just install some smart switches to control dumb lights. Works great and I can use any type of light I want. Although for lamps I may get Tradfri for the good price and ecosystem. The Yeelight also seems compelling because no hub.

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