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AMD has lengthy recognised for gaming offerings that made them stand out on the market. It gained’t be surprising to peer why they may be being preferred global. Ryzen 7 3700X has stepped into the rising technology of AMD’s CPU structure.

Featuring eight cores, the 3700X is undeniably one of the maximum famend CPUs. AMD has recommended the gaming network to steer into the new era of effective computing with its exclusively designed 0.33-generation lineup of CPUs.

With the multi-middle overall performance, the generation isn't always best only for gaming however rendering as nicely. While you have got invested your treasured money on the newly acquired Ryzen 3700X, the subsequent vital question is which motherboard is fine applicable.



Remember, the market for motherboards is overcrowded, and it might be overwhelming for you to locate the proper option. Don’t be anxious! We are right here to help you navigate via the best alternatives. From VRM nice to overclocking guide and aesthetics, each applicable element is thoroughly considered.

Let’s no longer postpone anymore and get straight to the point.

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Did you copy paste a  websites recommendation here?

Also I would go with an x570 board for the new ryzens,  just watch some videos about them, there is plenty good advice. The main differences between all these boards is connectivity, rear IO and M.2 or Sata slots. 



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-> Moved to CPUs, Motherboards and Memory


PS. There's no such thing as "gaming motherboard". Every single factor which would make motherboard "better for gaming" is gimmick and marketing trick. RGB doesn't mean anything. All fancy software doesn't mean anything. Rest of the features are same as with motherboards not marketed as "gaming".

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