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HP Pavilion 15-dp0003nv has problem reading remaining battery correctly.



I've had this laptop


HP pavilion 15

Windows 10 home fully updated

CPU i7-8750h

GPU 1060 3GB max-Q

16GB RAM (originally 8GB but upgraded in summer 2020)


since august 2019 with no problems but the last 2-3 months I've had some problems with the battery but since I was swamped with studies and work and because I practically never move the laptop from my desk, it wasn't a top priority issue but now I think it's time I explored it.


so the problem is: 

1)sometimes when I turn on the laptop after a night's rest, it will go to the windows login screen normally and I will VISIBLY see the battery icon being half full and I REMEMBER that last night it had like 30-40% battery remaining and then a second later (still in the windows login screen) *I SHOULD propably mention here that during this time nvidia control panel applies my selected colour settings for better contrast* it will show that the battery is almost empty (red X icon on the battery) and sometimes even force shutdown because of battery. So I plug in the power,start without problems and see that the battery is around 50% or less but definetely more than 20% everytime


2) sometimes the exact same thing happens within 10 seconds after logging into windows. (and propably after starting throttlestop mentioned below if that's important)


this happens only after turning the laptop on in the morning....I basically almost never turn it off throughout the whole day.


I have changed BIOS settings to stop charging the battery at 79% to improve overall battery life since it stays in the house 99% of the time so I have it plugged till 79% then let it discharge to 20% and then plug it in again. this happens maybe 4-6 times a day. 

I have a cooling base always connected and I read somewhere that maybe the usb gives power to it even if the laptop is off so I did some testing with taking it off at night (even though I know its not using power because the fans dont spin and the base's lights remain off) but the problem still happens.

I am also using a wireless usb mouse that always has its receiver plugged in but I turn off the power switch on the mouse everytime so propably it's not that.

I'm using throttlestop to undervolt and underclock the cpu since around november 2019 because of heat reasons and never had any problems with it. idle temps are around 40 for CPU and GPU and at absolute full load while gaming GPU hovers around 65 and CPU around 75 with spikes at 80.

worth mentioning that throttlestop is not starting automatically with windows but I start it manually everytime I turn on the pc. it's the first program I always run.

HP support assistant reports battery health is OK with 755/1000 cycles, full capacity charge 83% and temperature of 30 degrees right now.


what are your opinions on this battery problem? it sounds like windows is not reading the battery life correctly for some reason rather than a fault with the actual battery itself.



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You need to callibrate the battery. Charge the battery to 100% and let it sit with the charger connected for at least 30 min after it reads 100%. Then discharge battery completely before charging it to 100% again. This should help. The battery will loose the callibration when you nevet let it get to 100%

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alright,I will try that.


just to clarify,drain battery completely means to let it force shut down the laptop or plug it in when battery saver hits at 20% or even 10%?

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thanks for this link, but I'm a bit apprehensive to try that solution since it includes forcing shut down the laptop and letting it run until the battery completely drains and the laptop turns off on its own....it could mess something up in windows or something and lead me to even bigger troubles which is BAD especially in exam season.


meanwhile,I used your recommendation and changed bios settings to 100% battery so now it charges up to 100% but today the same thing happened.

I turned on the laptop and immediately after logging into windows,I got a pop up that the battery was almost dead and would soon shut down (red X icon was visible in battery icon in the tray)

I connected the power for 5 seconds,battery showed 52%,immediately took out the power and battery stayed at 52% and discharged normally in about 2 hours.

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