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PC freezing but mouse still moves?

I've had my PC since late october and it started to freeze wierdly in november, I got some help for it on the techsource discord, and it was fine for a week, it started again and now the guy's stumped. It's mostly in-game but recently its happening out of game. My mouse can still move, but the PC stops all animations other than the windows button* (eg. taskbar doesn't highlight when mouse hovers over it). I can still click on things for a matter of time though, and any pop-out windows freeze in place. I can sometimes use ctrl, win, d and always use ctrl, alt, del, but none of things in it's menu work. I always have to kill the PC.


Any help accepted!


Specs: R5 2600X, GTX 1650S, 16Gb 3200MHz RAM, B-450F Gamiong MOBO


*Windows button also can pop up

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