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So I recently upgraded my cpu from a i3-6100 to a i7-7700k on my B150M-A D3 motherboard. I upgraded to the latest version of the BIOS and bought some DDR3L 1.35V ram (because it’s the only compatible RAM with my cpu and motherboard) so everything should technically be okay.

But the problem is that every time I open my computer, my disk goes up to 100% in my task bar (cpu is also really irregular, it can jump from 5% to 45% back and forth) and does this for about 10 minutes but goes down when I’m not doing anything. The other big problem is that when I’m doing something demanding, like playing certain types of video games, my cpu and disk goes up to 100% in my task bar and, for example, my video games will lag super hard while having something like 4-5 FPS which isn’t normal at all because with my old cpu everything was super good. 


I reinstalled multiple times my GPU drivers and in some games like Overwatch, For Honor, League of Legends everything is going okay. My cpu goes up to 45% while playing those games(which is unusual compared to my old cpu but is still working, I guess). But in other video games it’s really chaotic, like mentioned before.


My cpu average temperature is around 40-45 degrees (Celsius). I recently installed my cooler and thermal paste so I don’t think it’s the problem. Also my cpu is running at his normal clock speed(not overclocked) at 4.2 Ghz


Last thing, I recently noticed that ,sometimes, my computer turns off and restarts out of nowhere by itself. 


I ran multiple antivirus and there’s nothing, in this area as well.


•What should I do now?? I tried everything that have been said online and nothing changed. Any tips? Which BIOS setting should I apply to make a difference to my current situation ? Do I need to do a new Windows install, will it work if I do it??


And also if I put my old cpu back, is it going to stay like that or will it go back to normal?




Cooler master hyper 212

B150M-A D3 motherboard 

Gagabyte gtx 1050ti

16GB SP DDR3L 1.35V

HDD 1TB (My disk is half way full, like 450 Gb full)

EVGA 500w bronze power supply

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You have a hard drive that you appear to be booting windows off of, I'd expect that to be pegged at 100% at all times. As for lag in everything else, there's probably some programs that aren't responding to it in general, so a windows reinstall and just reinstalling those applications would help. I would suggest you buy a new SSD to be your boot drive (you can find them on Amazon for $30 USD for 240GB drives) and install windows on there and see if the problem continues.


Also, if you had changed any BIOS settings, try clearing CMOS and resetting it back to normal to see if maybe a core or hyperthreading had been disabled at some point.

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Hmm, make sure it's not the ACPI bug. Check my thread to see what I did to remove it. I had slightly similar problems after updating my BIOS.



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