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What is the smallest aftermarket cooler or liquid cooler for a PNY 3060 Ti?

Hi guys, I am on a quest to building the smallest yet most powerful gaming rig using off-the-shelf parts. I already have the parts and currently the problem I am having is the GPU.


My case is a K39, similar to a Velka 3 and the maximum GPU size it can fit is 180mm in length and 43mm in thickness.


I have a good GPU which is the PNY 3060 Ti, however, it will not fit the case as the heatsink extends more than 180mm. However, the surprising part is that the board of the GPU is very small and this can perfectly fit into the case. This is what it looks like:




I do have some options on how to fit this card into the case. First option would be to modify the case but that would make it larger. Second option is to look for an aftermarket cooler that is smaller than the stock cooler be it an HSF or a liquid cooling solution.


My question is more on my second option, is there an aftermarket cooling solution that is so compact that it can fit mini-ITX casing?


Thank you in advance for the reply.

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I'd say you're better off trying to modify the case first. Those aftermarket coolers can be iffy, as they don't tend to include cooling for the VRMs and memory. You'll want something that is specifically designed for those cards, but very few people make aftermarket air coolers designed to fit the card. I'd say your best option if you don't want to mod the case would be to do a small water cooling loop, but with the extra hardware needed, you might run into the same issues.

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