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Dell s2721DGF response time question (fast, super fast, extreme) (ghosting) input lag and stuff

Yo! I recently upgraded to this monitor from a 1080p 144hz one and I have a question about its response time.

I have 3 options to choose from - fast, super fast and extreme

If set the extreme option ON I can see a lot of ghosting on my monitor so I keep my settings on fast for now.

My question is if I set the response time to super fast, will that reduce my input lag in-game or something?

Will it make my game smooother I have enough fps and no fps drops I just wanna know if the response time on the monitor changed

can make a difference in terms of me getting more smooth and faster gameplay or something?


I play mainly FPS games - cs : go, cod, doom eternal and I need fast response time and all but does it really make a difference

in terms of input lag or game smoothness if my monitor settings for the response time are set for a fast or super fast response please help ))


I just want to have the smoothest and fastest reaction time from my monitor, I don't like having a lot of input lag or lack of smoothness while I play 

so which is the best for me fast or super fast? and does it even make a difference in ur opinion besides the probability of ghosting?


MAIN QUESTION - can the FASTER response time help me with input lag or increase my smoothness in-game ?

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Usually with response time, it refers to the amount of time it takes the pixels to change colors and not the actual input time. The options are probably referring to various amounts of pixel overdrive, which can cause reverse ghosting (I forget the technical term, but that's basically what it is). Unless it's one of the monitors that supports Nvidia reflex, there isn't going to be a setting that lowers the input lag. 

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Watch this, it will tell you the best settings based on there testing, which is best in the industry that I know of when it comes to monitor testing. 

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