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Dual 49 inch monitor setup

Hello I am looking for some ideas on mounting two 49 inch ultra wide monitors ( I am thinking of going with Monoprice DarkMatter 49inch ) but I am worried about sag has any one tried this or has ideas? 

thank you!!! 

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Assuming we are talking about a desktop setup and not a living room setup your optimum viewing distance is going to be in the next room 😂. That being said NO I do not know of any consumer grade mounts that will hold this well unless the monitors are particularly lightweight and even than most mounts are not made for anything over 32inch monitors (in terms of vertical length) and even that is a bit rare as most are made for 27inces or less. You might be able to make something DIY from stuff you can get at the hardware store or maybe you can find somebody willing to make you a custom mount but it will likely not come cheap and you will need to make sure it is well secured, you are probably better off just sacrificing the desk space and using the stock stands individually. 

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