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Xbox one X HDD to SSHD

Has anyone on here switched your HDD with a SSD or a SSHD? And if so I would like recommendations on some drives if so 

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Samsung is my go-to brand for SSDs. I went with 1TB 870 QVO since that's what happened to be in stock, and it has been performing as expected. Any SSD in One X is not going to blow your mind if you have been watching videos about the Series X/S, but compared to the stock 5400RPM spinner it's still nice, and the opportunity to swap the pads and paste at the same time helps justify the work (I went with 2mm pads).


Just a PSA for anyone else that has been considering this but haven't done the research yet: Microsoft now offers a way to reinstall the OS, so there's no longer need to mess with cloning the original drive. One X is also by far the easiest Xbox One to open. Today is a good day to give your trusty Xbox some love.

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