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Buying a VRR monitor for the very first time.

Thinking about buying a low-end MSI Optix monitor (G241VC / 48-75Hz) and have a few questions:


1. Does FreeSync works with HD7790 a.k.a R7-260X (Bonaire GCN 2.0)?

2. How does FreeSync responds to locked frame rates, in terms of input lag?

3. Do all FreeSync monitors support Gsync?


As a former console gamer, I absolutely HATE tearing and unlocked frame rate. I currently have a 60Hz monitor and I lock games at either 30 or 60FPS with RTSS and vsync, depending on how good my PC can run it. 


The reason I want a VRR monitor is because I'd absolutely love to have the ability to run games at different frame rates. For example, my PC can maintain 45-50FPS in Doom most of the time but can't quite push it to 60 so I've to play it with locked 30 instead which feels a bit too slow for a fast paced game. My question is, would it run fine on the new monitor if I cap the frame rate to 48Hz, which is apparently this monitor's lowest refresh rate? Also, can I try different refresh rates such as 55, 65, 70FPS etc (depending on the performance) or will I still get frame judder and input lag?



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