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Motherboard problem


Hello good people of the internet.
So a few days earlier i finally bought a new pc.
And i was really stoked about it. So i quickly assemble it all together and put it on my case.

I'm 100% sure that i plug everything at the right position. The reset sw, the power sw, etc. But the pc still wont turn on.

At this point i thought "Ok maybe my front panel is broken and needs to be replace since its a office case and has been sitting under my desk for 7+ years"

So i unplug all of the connectors and tried to jump start the board with a screwdriver. The fan is spinning but there is a beep coming from the speaker i install on the board. You know those speaker that came included with a case? That kind of thing.

And i had 5 short beeps coming out of it.
I searched it on the manufacturer's web and found that my cpu is the problem. So i took off the heat sink and look at my alignment or any Bent pins.

I'm pretty sure there are no bent pins and no misalignments so i put the cpu back on and turn it on again. But the same problem occured. It keeps beeping.

I contacted the seller and they told me to sent all the parts back to them and so i did.

A few days went passed and they contacted me again saying that the board was fine and was working perfectly with no beeps whatsoever.

And i was like "OK?!! i guess" well that's fixed so i told them well what was the problem i asked them.

They told me its not like there is a problem or anything. They said there maybe some bent pins on the cpu socket that made it no post and maybe my psu is busted.

So i told them to send the parts back to me to test it myself.

And today it finally arrived. I assemble d it altogether again and tested it. And Still it beeps.

At this point i think my psu is the problem. So i bought a new one. (My old psu was a cooler master mwe 450w 80+)

And the new one i bought is a Corsair Cv450 which many people recommended it to me.

The psu arrived so i tried plugging it in and stil. The beep occurs. At this point I'm really losing my mind and dont know what to do.

Here are the things i tried so far.
  1. Swapping the ram out.
  2. Swap the PSU.
  3. Check all of my connections.
  4. Return it to the seller and the seller sent a video proof that the system is working fine as intended.
Here is my system:
  1. Intel core i3 10100F
  2. Gigabyte b460m ds3h.
  3. Team elite 2X4 gb 2666mhz
  4. Asus gtx 1050 2gb
  5. Corsair cv450w 80+ bronze.
  6. And a 8+ year old office case.
Some of the thread i found on the internet are this https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2299290-pc-beeps-5-short-times-upon-startup
But i dont if this is true or not cause im afraid to do it.

I would really appreciate it if you guys have any suggestions on what i should do. Cause i really need a working pc right now

And the beeping noise i mention is a short 5x beep
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According to Gigabyte 5 short beeps mean CPU problem. Based upon that I would RMA the CPU and try again with a replacement.




Ryzen 5 3600x - Asus Strix B450-F - Asus ROG RTX 2060S Strix AD - Fury Beast 3200 2x16 GB DDR4 - Phanteks P400S - Corsair RM 650x - BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 - 2x Kingston A2000 NVMe 1TB SSD (RAID 0) - 2x Samsung QVO 1TB SSD (RAID 0) - Seagate Barracuda 3TB

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