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Is there a hub or dock with USB C PD for phones or tablets connected to a desktop?

Hi. I have a Pixel 2016 which I leave connected to my PC all the time for file transfers and upload over cellular. It works fine, but uploading large files can drain the battery for a time; the Pixel must not be receiving the amount of power it really needs from the PC, even though when idle it will reach 100% again after a little while. (I believe it requires 18W for this to never happen)


Is there some kind of USB hub or USB dock, 2.0 or 3.0, which presents a desktop PC with a normal USB A port, but offers connected devices like phones or tablets USB C PD through its own hub/dock power supply? Something that gets the connected device all the power it needs while also allowing data transfer to a PC, the same way a laptop with USB C can usually do this with a C to C cable. Does that exist?


If not, can anyone think of some other solution? Perhaps a normal USB hub with type A ports which can deliver more power than usual when asked. But, it would have to handshake with a 2016 Pixel correctly, it's of no use if it only charges certain devices this way. USB C PD is universal, or at least a widely adopted standard, so this would work for sure if such a solution exists.


Thanks guys!

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