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HP Support/Dealings with a 2019 Spectre x360 (15-df1010na) ...

I've posted before about thermal and sleep issues with my HP spectre x360 (15-df1010na) - This is more sharing my experience with UK HP's support/repair. The £2k laptop is about to be sent off for the 5th today in a year...


At idle (clean install and just had AIDA open logging with 0-10% CPU usage), the laptop will idle at 70-80C with the fans inaudible majority of the time, AIDA reports throttling at the slightest increase in usage. Running a stress test it goes to ~100C for a while before the fans kicks in and settles to 80-90C, for a stress test this isn't something unexpected other than the time it takes for the fans to spin up.


Regarding the issues with sleep, well the laptop isn't sleeping, every 10-15 seconds the power and mute LED will irregularly flash for a couple seconds then go back to normal. Sleep issues + overheating + metal chassis = near untouchably hot laptop if I leave it to 'sleep' for a while, also means that I don't want to put it to sleep and put it in a bag. The LED behaviour was fixed with repair #4 but it still gets incredibly hot to the touch while it is sleeping (fans don't spin at all during sleep)


Repair history:

  1. Electrical (short?) in a thunderbolt port - fixed without issue
  2. Thermal issue - reset my laptop and sent it back to me, obviously didn't work
  3. Thermal issue & sleep issue - Replaced heatsink, makes more sense but if the fan firmware/curve isn't working a new heatsink isn't going to do more
  4. Thermal & sleep issue - Replace motherboard, slightly fixed the sleep issue but created another issue.
  5. Thermal, sleep and SKU issue - ? We shall see

With the 4th repair, laptop now thinks it is a different SKU than what it is (now apparently 15-df0002na which is an older model), which messes up HP's autodetect stuff for BIOS and other downloads.


I asked what the possibility is for a replacement/refund and I've been told if repair #5 doesn't fix the issues then I can escalate it and get an "alternative solution", what that means I'm not sure.


To be fair to the repair team, I got the laptop back within a week of sending it off each time, but that is still over a month in a year of not having a laptop in a year as a university student and someone who is starting a business.


Wondering if these issues have been come across by anyone else with spectres (especially this model)?

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my laptop also pews to 100c, its because of the intake at bottom, you practicly have to have have the laptop on table, its just like that

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